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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hello Everyone

Hi everyone, I am so glad to finally be considered a blogger.
I am new to all of this so I hope that I do this right. I first of all want to say that Regent University has been the best decision of my life; and my only regret is that I have to attend as an online student. The reason I say it is a regret is because seeing the pictures of the Campus, and hearing about some of the things that go on on campus I regret not being able to be apart of that. Some time soon my hope is that I can at least come to Virginia and get to see the Campus and experience it's beauty first hand. I am still a fairly new Christian, still learning about my Heavenly Father and the love he extends to all of us. It is an amazing journey I am on and I hope that this cloud I am on never goes away. I have been through a really hard (mostly self imposed) life. And turning my life over to Christ has been both the hardest and the easiest thing I have ever done. Part of my testimony is posted in the new online Fellowship In Faith Community. Which by the way is a genius Idea, there are alot of times that I have felt I had no one to turn to but then remembered the online Faith Community and have always gotten someone to give me some great advice and help. I love to tell people about how I came to Christ and if you want to know the story, all you have to do is ask. I fell that, no, I know that I am in the exact place that God has in store for me right now, and I am loving every minuet of it all.

In Christ
Dee Anna
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